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People born on the cusps of signs often feel out of place when they read about their zodiac characteristics. If you're born three to four days before or after the cutoff between signs, you might feel more like you're a mix of the two. If your birthday is on the Aries side, your agro-Aries nature is probably a bit more stable than a typical ram.

October 15 Birthday Astrology

You're probably also a lot better at completing tasks, and you're more concerned with material comfort. If your birthday falls on the Taurus side, you may come off to others as being erratic. You are compulsive, yet stubborn, and you may be accident-prone, either physically or socially.

If your birthday is on the Taurus side, your stable, practical personality will be imbued with an extra shot of intellectual curiosity, and you're probably a lot more likely to strike up a conversation with a stranger. If your bday falls on the Gemini side, you're more likely to apply your Gemini curiosity to practical concerns rather than intellectual pursuits. If your birthday falls on the Gemini side, you probably have a tough time distinguishing feelings from facts because you're a little more sensitive and reserved, and you could have a tendency to project your feelings onto situations.

If your birthday is on the Cancer side, you're likely to be a little more detached than a typical Cancer, thinking often about your feelings as you experience them. Having a personality that tends toward favoring nostalgia a typical Cancer trait , you love telling stories and hearing them.

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If your birthday is on the Cancer side, you're a little more outgoing and willing to share your gifts and creativity with the world. You're probably not as shy as a typical Cancer, and you are eager to share your thoughts and feelings with the world at large. If your birthday falls on the Leo side, you're a little more reserved than other Leos and are probably more comfortable nurturing the creativity in others.

Everything you say and do passes through a filter of self-criticism.

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You aren't insecure; you're just precise. If your birthday falls on the Virgo side, your perfectionist characteristics have been lightened up a bit by the silliness of Leo traits, and you're more likely to be more playful and less serious.

Your Astrological Chart Cusp

If your birthday falls on the Virgo side, your logical perfectionism is softened by a dreamy romanticism. If your sun is on the Libra side, you'll be more discerning about the kind of people you invite into your life, and you may have a bit of a judgmental streak in you. You're likely to be a strict enforcer because of your Libran desire for everything to be fair in your life.

If your birthday is on the Libra side, you combine your Libran ability to look at every side of a situation with the Scorpio's ability to get down to the bottom of what motivates people. Little do they know that your warmth can only extend to a certain level. For lovers born on the 15th of October, friendships are easier than deep relationships. There are many different levels to relationships and the deepest, most intimate ones are very difficult for you.

Zodiac Sign Dates of Birth - Zodiac Sign Astrology

While it is very easy for you to make friends, and social situations never scare you, when it comes to getting deeper, you have a tough time. It just seems that you never ran out of excuses to fully dig deep as far as your personal relationships go. Those with the birthday on October 15th are best equipped for sales jobs.

If the job requires some sort of public contact, you will do an amazing job. People feel that you love them. They are under the impression that you love meeting new people and finding yourself in all sorts of social situations. Social situations do not scare you.

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You have an inborn sense of community. You are able to communicate with people who may not necessarily speak the same language as you. That is how well you can connect with others. You are able to speak the common language of humanity based on how you smile and how you carry yourself. People just take a natural liking to you.

However, there are limits to all of these. You can easily feel cramped or imposed on if people try to press for deeper friendship. They feel that while they can get along with pretty much everybody, there is a certain line of intimacy they dare not cross. In many cases, this line gets worse and worse with every year. You would do much better in life if you were to question those lines and push them back. You get along with almost everybody you meet. You know when to say the right things and the right time to do so.

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While Venus plays a strong role in your cosmic constitution, Jupiter still exerts a calming influence. Put these two factors together and it easily explains the seeming contradiction in your personality. You should avoid being scared of your inner limits.