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The impulses are along very humanitarian lines here. You may take on a position of leadership within a group. This position is very conducive to accomplishments for someone who is already involved in a large group and where the common goal of the group is important to the individual. You may take actions to achieve your more personal long-term goals as well. You may be able to use your connection with an important group to express your individuality. Mars is forming adverse aspects with Saturn, the friends you choose might prove to your detriment in the long run.

Virgo With Mars transiting Gemini, you are intent on pushing forward in your career and professional status. The desires and ambitions along these lines are unusually pressing. Being another of the angular houses, events taking place now will have a great bearing on your future and will be long reaching in their effects. You will take a great amount of initiative to further your personal career goals and to make important strides in your overall life direction. It is a time when great progress can be made and personal recognition achieved.

You could be put in a position of authority and command over others. Impatience in pursuing your goals or a lack of control could cause you to step on toes of those higher up or leave them feeling threatened. Libra With Mars transiting Gemini you become aggressively involved in expanding your basic beliefs and your philosophies about life. Sometimes this means showing active support by joining a religious or alternative group.

Activity relating to educational interests is likely. The people represented are those in a teaching or instructional capacity, and you may find someone that you are willing to follow. A major decision might be required involving a long distance move or travel.

Gemini Horoscope for 2018

A move, transfer, or relocation of considerable distance often coincides with this placement. With Mars in adverse aspects from Saturn, problems could come up from people concerned with religious background. Finally, legal situations sometimes arise that must be dealt with. In an afflicted chart this might be in regard to personal rights. Scorpio Mars in Gemini builds upon a relationship that has already been formed and now you put your efforts into working in cohesion with another and in the pooling of your separate resources.

Cooperative efforts revolve around making the most of all the resources belonging to two or more people. This position coincides many times with a time period following marriage, when a couple is learning to work together as a unit both sexually and materially. With afflictions from Mars and Saturn, it could be a time of separation, calling it quits, divorce, or the breakup of a business partnership. Taxes, loans, insurance, wills, and such may be a source of concern and activity. This also represents our ability to overcome loss, and is usually active when a death occurs. However, even with adverse aspects, the death implied is most likely to be of a situation rather than a person.

Issues involving sexuality are usually very prominent with Mars, and are sometimes closely tied in with a financial issue. Sagittarius When Mars transits Gemini you are concerned with taking on a leading or aggressive role within a relationship. You are active in pursuing partners and in the forming of new partnerships. This is where we first bond totally with another. Unlike the romances of the fifth house, the ones that begin under the influence of the seventh house are likely to be serious.

Not necessarily forever, though, unless other factors agree.

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This is more likely as Mars is in adverse aspect to Saturn at this time. An alternate manifestation of Mars is that you may brush up against another closely enough to stir hostility rather than the forming of a harmonious relationship and the two of you could become immediate enemies. Sometimes the relationships you form are in some other capacity, such as counseling, or where several people come together to perform a project. Physical work or activity is likely to be required in such a project.

Capricorn With Mars in Gemini you become aggressive on your job or in regard to your service responsibilities. Your services may be in demand and you could make some important strides forward. The alternative to this and the negative manifestation of Mars is in health problems and many times this is a direct result of undesirable job pressures.

You might decide to change jobs, and if your work has not been fulfilling in the past, then initiative to make changes should be taken. Such a situation left unchanged could easily result in health problems, just as it could to routinely overwork oneself. Co-workers are sometimes a source of conflict if indicated by adverse aspects.

A situation on the job or with your co-workers may seem to be all consuming of your energies, and some review may be in order. Health maintenance and hygiene also falls in this area, and you may embark on a new exercise or health regimen. Other types of services, where the monetary returns are negligible may hold particular interest for you with this placement of Mars. Aquarius With Mars transiting Gemini you become extremely outgoing in your self-expression and active in your pursuit of pleasures.

These include the theater, hobbies, and other creative outlets of an artistic nature, as well as sports, parties, and social affairs. You will concentrate on activities that will keep you in the mainstream of life. Relationships with others who are naturally creative themselves often become a catalyst to your own inspiration. Depending on your circumstances, a new romance or even a series of romances is quite possible with this position. This is an exciting position for Mars, but also an area where adverse aspects can cause one to become too wrapped up in the frivolities of life, ignoring more serious concerns.

Promiscuity is an example of an unrestrained and afflicted Mars. With good aspects from Saturn, inspiration and progress can be made in creative pursuits. You might also be inspired to new projects that center on children and their activities. Pisces Mars transiting Gemini implies dynamic activity centering in the home. With this position it is likely that a very basic element in the home is undergoing some amount of turmoil or change.

A positive manifestation of Mars provides new beginnings through buying a home or real estate.

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The physical energies of Mars would be fulfilled through moving and setting up new housekeeping. Building a home or doing renovations in an existing home, which require physical labor, might also be indicated with such a placement. Relationships within the family could be a source of personal turmoil with many adverse aspects. The events that happen here very much affect our sense of who we are and how stable we are. The aggressive characteristics of Mars do not blend well with family life in many situations. Parents could be a source of disagreement or concern.

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Wednesday, October 09, 12222

Birth Time Rectification. AstroSage Cloud Silver. AstroSage Cloud Gold. Personalized Horoscope. Male Female. Mars enters Gemini. Thanks for sharing the information about best astrology websites. Your list is all OK need sum correction. Thanks, Joanne.

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Thanks Jamie. Best wishes from a fellow Aussie.

Gemini Finance Horoscope – Gemini Finance Predictions

Why is AstroTalk not included in this? I have tried many websites but there is no match of astrotalk. Thank You so much for sharing this list. Best astrologer in Jodhpur India selling top online astrology products. Plants and trees too play a pivotal role in making our surroundings apt and energized. Click here to more information about Vastu tree. Hi Jamie, are the horoscopes for astrologyking meant for rising signs or sun signs? I was wondering because for the monthly ones you specify decans— would that be more meaningful for planetary placements or is the importance the same for ascendant positions.

Hi Elkay. They are written for your Sun but you can also read them for your Ascendant. In that case they will apply more to your close one-to-one relationships. It seems throughout time, the elite and world rulers have always used Astrology and still do. Due to the precession of the equinoxes, the astrological signs do not align with the constellations.

What happens when two people are born at the same time, but one is born in the northern hemisphere, and the other in the southern hemisphere? The Greeks took the stars out of Astrology. The Greek ruling elite implemented a sign-based Astrology into farming and everyday life for the lower classes. Knowledge of constellation-based Astrology was esoterica for the initiated. You can likewise examine your horoscope with the data you get here, contingent upon your insight level in Vedic soothsaying.

This is additionally a push to shield you from deluding and off base data given by extortion and phony crystal gazers. Thanks for sharing this websites Numerologyline.

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