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Ascendant is the degree of the zodiac sign that was highest on the Easter horizon at the time and place of birth. When seen from Earth, the sky seems to move, so the entire zodiac can be observed in a span of 24 hours day which means the rising sign changes on the Eastern horizon every 2 hours because there are 12 zodiac signs. People tend to associate their physical, emotional and spiritual attributes more with rising sign at times. Effects of Ascendant Ascendant represents us in our purest and highest form; its like a lens of our personality through which people see us.

It is the mask we wear to revel in the masquerade of life, to meet people. It embodies our natural reactions to things, objects, people and so on. You could sign up with Indastro to have your personalized birth chart ready. The sign that is located in the first house which is also called the Ascendant of your chart is called the rising sign or Ascendant. To determine the Ascendant, the exact time of birth is required since ascendants change every two hour.

You can get the astrological analysis and signification of 12 ascendants from the subsequent pages. Lords of 3rd, 6th and 11th houses, in the reverse order,Any benefics that might be tainted with Kendradhipati Dosha. Moon as lord of Lagna, Lords of 8th and 12th house; although the chapter mentions only Sun and Moon as having this property, but in principle it can be applied to each planet. Astrology is the study of planets. The planets move in their own time and in their own space according to individual cycles.

Astrology is based on the date, time and place of birth of a person. From the birth chart an astrologer can analyze the relationships between the nine planets, or Grahas, the twelve Rashis, or signs of the zodiac, and the twelve Bhavas, or houses, of the birth chart. Although there are techniques available to experts for deeper analysis, Western Astrology generally looks at your Sun-sign and gives general predictions which are common to millions of people. On the other hand, Indian Astrology looks for your date of birth, time of birth and place of birth, which is unique in this world.

Even in case of twins, the time of birth differs.

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Use of divisional charts, Dasa System , Ashtakavarga etc. The more accurate it is, the better. There are a number of calculations which require precision up to the minute. An interpretation can change entirely from one minute to the next, for example if the Ascendant changes signs.

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But these occasions are relatively rare, and usually it is sufficient to have precision of minutes for the birth time and around 20 kilometres for the place of birth. Hence most often there could be errors in manual calculations based on an almanac and Astro-vision calculations are more accurate and reliable since it is based on direct calculations based on the birth details.

Astro-Vision's experience of more than 25 years and continuous research and development has enabled it to provide one of the most accurate and reliable astrology reports ever prepared. Please note that the accuracy levels of the horoscope also depend on the accuracy of birth data provided.

The software versions and the predictive text in the reports are subject to continuous modifications, including addition of new chapters. This is necessitated by the nature of the content and Astro-vision's constantly evolving research findings. There are minor variations in the systems and practices followed by different regions of India and Astro-vision has accommodated some of these variations in the regional language versions. As a result, the reports generated in different languages may not be exact translations.

Also, all the language versions are not updated simultaneously. We have adopted 'Chitrapaksha ayanamsa' also called 'Lahiri Ayanamsa' for our calculations as it is the most popular and widely used ayanamsa system in India. The astrological calculations and predictions may differ in case a different ayanamsa system such as 'Raman Ayanamsa' or 'KP system' is used. Astrology reports are based on the date, time and place of birth of an individual and hence it is more specific compared to the numerology report which is based on the date of birth and name of the person.

If you have all the three input details with you it is better to go for both the reports since the numerology report also gives you an idea about how compatible your name is in relation to your date of birth. You can also fine tune your name to be more compatible with your date of birth. Gems can be worn based on the month of birth, zodiac sign, birth star, etc. Planetary lordships and weaknesses are carefully analysed.


The approach is to propitiate favourable planets using 'Anukul-Ratna' analysis. Where many planets are weak, Navaratna ring is recommended.

Know your Ascendant (Lagna)

For small babies only 'Moonstone' is recommended. There are two popular systems namely 'Chaldean' and 'Pythagorean'. The main difference is in assigning numerical values for alphabets. Astro-Vision numerology reports are based on the Chaldean system, which is the standard in India and popularised by authors like Cheiro. Astro-vision considers the knowledge of astrology as a self-development tool with a highly optimistic approach. It provides the power to people to transform their dreams into reality and it should be considered as a science which has been developed by the ancient gurus to infuse positive thinking and optimism.

So as a policy Astro-vision does not support the study of longevity of an individual based on horoscope. It is said that only the God himself knows the exact date or time of death of a person. Each individual horoscope is checked thoroughly before advising a particular remedy. So, all kinds of suggested remedies are purely Saatwik in nature. Moon Stone, garnet, Jade and other semi-precious or secondary stones can be used as substitutes to reduce costs. The name of secondary stones are also indicated in Astro-Vision gem recommendation reports. While all care is taken to ensure accuracy of city data provided, you are requested to verify the time zone, longitude and latitude values before you submit the information.

Apachaya - 1,2,4,7,8 houses of decrease. They lose their strength through time. Malefics do not do well In them, particularly the 8th. Dusthanas - difficult houses. Benifics good for intelligence, but disease. Rahu good for spirituality. Mars can cause death or harm. Saturn long life sans prosperity. Venus for prosperity.

Ketu for spiritual capacity. Rahu nervous system disorders. Planets near the midheaven in houses 9,10 and 11 represent how we affect the world in terms of our values 9th , actions 10th , and goals 11th. Opposite in houses 3,4 and 5 are our vital energy 3 , emotional state 4 , and intelligence 5th.

Lucky Colour By Kundali

Planets high in the chart tend to dominate those low in the chart. Our Services. Home Astrology Twelve Houses Bhav. Vaastu International.