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Negatively, the influence of 3 can manifest as indecision born of a lack of discernment, self-doubt and unclear priorities or, ironically, of too many options. This can manifest as worry, confusion, depression, heaviness, brooding, distrust, sorrow, of doom and gloom and even of despair which can lead to rash choices and action justified as desperate measures based on desperate feelings.

The fact that it is the last year of this decade supports this theme. This idea will be further elaborated below when I outline the emphasis on Capricorn which will be very strong in , below. This theme of completions can be made clearer by the fact that 3 x 3 is the basis of 9, the official number of endings and graduations. Thus we have 3 wishes, 3 strikes, and more Decisiveness and discipline are the keys to overcoming this negative condition.

When we realize that every problem contains its own solution and when we engage our thoughts in processes of creative thinking and brain-storming for example, we quickly see how despair can be understood as a lack of clear thinking or a lack of imagination. Fortunately, we live in a time when there are more options available probably than any other time in history. This realization can prove to be a saving grace in the months to come.

Sometimes by force, while at other times by choice, we can find ourselves hanging upside down thereby seeing the world as with new ideas. Obviously, making the choice to do so is ideal, yet it is not always so simple and easy to do. The following sign, Aries, which represents the beginning of a new cycle and of pioneering initiatives, lends a hint at what must occur. Planets in Signs and Key Aspects in Planets rule signs and when they transit through them they take on a status of honor.

However, when there is more than one planet in honor, they each tend to vie for attention and this can produce something of a stalemate. In other words, it can prove more difficult to make clear decisions that emphasize focused action. The same principle applies at the other end of the pole when no planet is in honor, but can be understood to have less overall potency. Over the course of , Mars will transit through 9 signs, Aries through Scorpio, thus spending an average of six weeks in each sign. Thus, it begins the year in honor in its own sign and ends the year in honor in the sign it co-rules, Scorpio.

This can be interpreted to be both auspicious but also somewhat dire as it is very assertive and even aggressive and violent in these signs. Jupiter in Sagittarius began in early November and continues until early December It is quite fortunate that this honorable Fire Element planet and sign combination lasts so long.

Jupiter in Sagittarius will inspire many to greatness, to take risks and reach for the stars. Given all of the rather heavy Capricorn energy, it is a blessing to have Jupiter in its own sign this year. Negatively, it is likely to manifest as righteousness and fanaticism even. Chiron meanwhile will be at 29 Pisces from January 28 to February 18th, or days. It is also significant that Uranus in the late degree of Aries begins the year at the apex or mid-point of the Lunar North and South Nodes in Cancer and Capricorn, respectively.

A planet at the apex in this regard takes on added emphasis suggesting that we are heading into with some measure of charge.

PISCES Year of the RAT Yang-Metal Jan 2020 – Feb 2021 Horoscope Astrology Predictions

The Nodes specifically in Cancer and Capricorn refers to an evolutionary process of activating a collective reach for emotional intelligence and the value of seeing the humor amidst all the dramas of life. Although a feminine sign, Capricorn and Saturn are linked to father and, by extension, to the patriarchy. Planets conjunct the South Node do have a magnetic effect, but it can be interpreted as negative, like water draining from a loose plug in an otherwise perfect hot bath of water.

Or, it can be seen as unwanted water coming in through a hole in the boat. They represent energy forcibly going where it is undesired. While the Moon can be better understood as the High Priestess in the Tarot, it represents both the mother and the deeper mysteries as we see with Sophia in the Gnostic tradition. It is the root of the feminine principle whereas the Empress can be understood as the expression and even assertion of the female force.

The archetype of the Moon can be understood as a process of giving birth, which can certainly be painful. It is also about cultivating innocence and the spontaneous spirit of the child. This is a qualitative moment in time and does not need to endure endlessly because the quality is such that it counters the quantity of all the other aspects of life such that a spirit of child-like laughter and play are ever-present and ready to re-emerge quickly and easily even if for short bouts.

Also, because the sign of Cancer is ruled by the fast-moving Moon, which is why it is directly, linked to our ever-changing moods or to moodiness, we are oriented towards balance over the course of the day which implies that our activities do and ideally should, therefore, be varied.

After all, the Moon is about emotions and feelings. It is this very contrast that makes it so special and why keeping the child alive in our hearts and minds, regardless of our age is a gift we give to ourselves and others too. To elaborate, the most significant set of aspects of the year occurs between the Lunar South Nodes, Pluto and Saturn all in Capricorn. As Saturn approaches Pluto from one side the South Node approaches from the other, as gets underway. The impact of this will begin to be felt as early as February and outer synchronicities will become increasingly evident by Spring Equinox.

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The South Node and Pluto will be exactly conjunct on April 4th. Moreover, due to Saturn turning retrograde it and the South Node and Pluto will all hover in close proximity All the way through to and into October. Two eclipse seasons are the norm and this is true of Lunar Eclipses have a way of revealing what has been previously hidden, especially in our relationships, if changes are destined. The second eclipse season occurs in July when on July 2 at 10 Cancer 38, a Total Solar Eclipse will take place and will trigger the changes destined to occur in our lives.

These should not be interpreted as negative, per se, but they do indicate probable changes so it will be wise to be flexible, cooperative and even pro-active if you have planets or angles in this range of degrees and signs. With two eclipses in Capricorn, an Earth Element sign, the influence will be upon the economy and major institutions or organizations, large companies and industries altogether. We should expect that there will be a lot of shaking and quaking in these areas and perhaps both literally as well, as in the form of earthquakes.

The presence of Pluto makes these especially powerful. Epic in this regard implies major changes and challenges to the status quo coming from hidden places, such as within the earth. Secrets could also be flushed to the surface. Paragons of power both in terms of individual leadership and long-standing and otherwise seemingly well-established organizations of power may fall or at least undergo major change and transformation.

Of course, when this happens others often rise to replace them, but not all the time or right away. In this regard, may prove difficult economically as well for many. In this regard, may again be understood as setting the stage or building the momentum, in some regards, for the even bigger eventful change scheduled for , the year of the Emperor. Aries Mar. In you will be contending with feeling pulled in a variety of directions. This process already began in and continues.

The few changes include a stronger pull in different directions. On one hand, a big emphasis on changes in your career and social status will become apparent early on, if they have not already. Meanwhile, a call within has been summoned. It is about a process of tuning in to better decipher who you feel you are and specifically what you feel you truly need as opposed to simply want. Woven into this mix will be a call to adventure which will include travel. With awareness and strategy, you just might succeed on all fronts. Taurus Apr. Returns for past efforts have likely already begun to roll-in and these will continue throughout Unless you have really been out-of-tune and not cooperating with your destiny, these should bring many happy returns.

The inspiration they bring is meant to manifest as a new level of leadership especially in your career, but perhaps at home too. Yet, you must take a progressive lead and not lean on the past or tradition too much, at all. As well, an important learning curve that began in late is destined to continue. In you will have the opportunity to establish a healthy momentum, in every regard, that will lead you into positions of leadership and true success for many years to come. Gemini May June A steady flow of inner changes that can be understood as a veritable metamorphosis of your entire sense of self that began in will continue in Fortunately, these align with opportunities to significantly increase your social network.

The time has come to move forward and to bury the past in whatever way that makes sense to you. In you are destined to awaken more fully and live with the awareness that life does not judge but does teach by consequences. Cancer June July In some respects, this is already well underway. Positively, this includes an assertive drive to express yourself authentically, yet you are challenged to do so as diplomatically as you can.

All the while, feeling as confident as you would like stands to be a challenge, but this aspiration could prove to push you to a more spiritual or perhaps religious orientation which could prove illuminating and empowering. In this regard, you will be very assertive and even aggressive as you march and stride to get to the bottom of things. Wisdom would say, focus on getting to the bottom of your own objectives and be careful not to be abrasive with others. In you are destined to enter new territory in many ways: literally, emotionally, intellectually, psychologically, and spiritually and so on.

Natal Planets

The more determined you are to do so, the better. Leo July Aug. As with your Aries friends, in particular, you will feel pulled in a variety of directions this year. On one hand, you will be pulled inward and this will require some measure of surrender in preparation for a rebirth of some kind.

On the other hand, presents a powerful creative wellspring for you. Yet, you must be willing to do your diligence and be willing to learn, a process which could certainly involve training and which can be described as an apprenticeship. This drive will be accompanied by a rebellious determination. Perhaps the most important revolution will be of your own attitude and approach. It is that creative force mentioned and will inspire you to go big.

In you have a great opportunity to realize dreams and nurture a new level of personal power which can translate into inner fulfillment and outer success. Virgo Aug. A summons has been sounded for you to answer and it may amount to be beyond the call of your usual duty. If ever there was a time to expand your vision of yourself and the world and in the world, this is it. Although a steady process of patient and diligent efforts are required, which also include a definite learning curve process, your confidences are beginning to rise and this trend is destined to continue.

Woven within the overall process is a metamorphic theme, as with your Gemini friends. It is linked to a cultivation of your talents and you are wise to focus on practical applications, mostly. In destiny will guide you to lay claim to a fuller measure of your personal power but only that which is a reflection of your spiritual purpose and to recognize all those that merely reflect your ego attachments will likely not manifest and will dissolve like a mirage.

Libra Sep. Laying claim to new levels and positions of power, authority and duty is already underway and will continue in These are likely to challenge you are core levels, however, and push to face your fears to lay claim to hidden gifts and talents. Positively, this can amount to promotions and graduations to new levels.

The destined goal is to introduce new elements or people to break any patterns that indicate monotony, stagnation, and boredom. It began a year ago, actually and, in some respects, much earlier yet, but stands to be extra powerful so you are wise to be aware. This could include personal strengths and implies a measurable state and rate of transformational change.

Your September 12222 Horoscope Will Help You Get Organized Before Fall Officially Commences

It could also manifest as new streams of income. It may actually even be deemed vital that you not take it for granted. In you will be busier as new levels of power and responsibility become the new norm. This will also manifest as changes in your relationships, but perhaps especially with the relationship with your own self.

Scorpio Oct. Your higher mind is calling you, to go deep, again. It wants you to awaken to and realize what constitutes your deep sense of individuality. Included in this process is breaking free of limiting perspectives and to overcome assumptions and narrow opinions of yourself, others and life in general. A theme of democracy is featured.

Doing so could prove worthwhile especially financially.

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Yet, you must also be willing to learn to earn and perhaps to teach as well. Fortunately, your ambitions are running high so you will not be too bothered by the required effort, probably. You must choose which and you may experience repeated tests over the coming years, let alone months! In important and powerful changes will occur, especially in your overall scope of relationships. Sagittarius Nov. Already as begins you have entered an important cycle of change and transformation. It will require that you let go of control, stubborn or resistant attitudes and of attachments. Doing so will require you to put in the extra effort and even reach out to get help as necessary.

It also implies making key investments. With this nodal axis, our connection to family, ancestry, country and tribal roots is emphasised. Issues around nurturing, safe homes, the importance of early childhood education as well as the exclusion from mainstream services of families who do not agree or fit in with government policies, the importance of conserving our natural environment for future generations are all topics at the centre of our public debates.

We are challenged to learn from the mistakes of the past. The task is to create a future in which humanitarian values such as empathy, emotional warmth, the rights of children and all living beings are honoured and respected, giving them more weight than policy restrains and personal ambitions. Leaders have to be reminded that their moral obligation is to serve the needs of the people, especially also of those who do not have a voice or are disempowered in some way.

The lunar nodes indicate where the eclipses will take place. Solar and lunar eclipses are powerful new and full moons near the nodal axis. Eclipses mark times of rapid change, when we are forced to face important issues in a way that might be uncomfortable at first, but that ultimately can lead to evolutionary growth. The loss of personal liberties and democratic rights seems to remain an ongoing theme as well as a growing feeling of discontent. With Jupiter in Sagittarius until early December, we can expect more protests and rebellions against government strategies and policies.

On a personal level, Capricorns born during the first 10 days of January might find that they have to deal with an urgent issue that cannot be put on hold any longer. The Lunar Eclipse on January 21 in the first degree of Leo opposite the Aquarius Sun is an invitation to think out of the square in search for new ideas and possibilities. The Moon is closely conjunct the north node in Cancer total eclipse. Venus and Jupiter, the two cosmic beneficiaries are conjunct in Sagittarius and they form a harmonious trine with active Mars in impulsive Aries.

Their voice is important because they are our future!


Combined with the Jupiter in Sagittarius influence, it is a great moment in time for brainstorming and the gathering of new ideas. Solar Total Eclipse at 4 degree Capricorn on December 21 carries a strong Capricorn and earth signature. Jupiter will enter this sign on December 3 and forms a constructive trine with Uranus in Taurus. Uranus will re-enter Taurus on March 6. Uranus takes 84 years to move once around the Sun, remaining about seven years in each sign.

Taurus is an earth sign that loves stability and material comfort. Taurus is associated with money, possessions, banking and the financial markets. Certainly, there have been many breaches of trust in this sector which has been made apparent over the last year. We have had already a good portion of Uranus disruption and destabilising! This will also affect currencies and the banking system in general.

On a personal level, we are asked to review our relationship with finances, values and material securities in general. We are in urgent need of new ideas and a fresh mindset to deal with old known problems.

Your September Horoscope Will Help You Get Organized Before Fall Officially Commences

Uranus in Taurus is also a signature for changes in agriculture and the way we produce food. We have the power to consciously choose where and how we want to spend our money. Aries: is a another year where thorough planning, patience and persistence with whatever you are doing will be rewarded. Deal with whatever needs to be sorted and then keep following your vision. February 13 can bring a breakthrough. Expect the unexpected and be ready to make a move. Focus on the bigger picture, but have a sound strategy how to get there.

Your main emphasis during will be on your life direction and how to best balance your role in the world with your emotional needs and family obligations. Especially those who are born during the first half of April might take on too much and then find their energy level tested. Therefore, it is essential to plan in times for relaxation and rest. Taurus: The winds of change are blowing strongly again from March onwards, especially if you are born during April 21 — Change is unavoidable and important adjustments have to be made to allow for new core developments.

Embrace the force of chaos because it is ultimately the energy behind creativity and is needed for breaking up old patterns! This is the start of a personal growth cycle that ultimately will provide you with more freedom. Investment in the right causes will pay out in the long run. The best time for starting a new project is during August 19 until October 4.

December could be a great month for trying something new and taking on a new role. Important is to think out of the square, embrace new possibilities and challenge your own perspective on life. Gemini: is a great year for improving your partnerships, personal or professional or meeting someone new who will further your spiritual growth, because Jupiter journeys through your relationship sector until December 3.

Keep an open mind and allow yourself to be inspired! On an emotional level, unresolved material from the past has to be mastered, but you have the clarity necessary for healing. You might also find that it is a great year for improving the ways you create an income. Take charge of your life by taking the necessary steps to make yourself feel good and secure. The best time for starting new projects is rom April until mid-May. Cancer : You are receiving a cosmic push towards expressing your creative potential and living your purpose while the lunar north node journeys through your sun sign until May The Solar total eclipse on July 2 is an important signature of change especially for those born during June 27 until July 8.

Your energy level is already increasing from mid-May onwards, igniting your personal courage, confidence, and drive to take charge of your life.

You are called upon to strike a balance between energy spent on relationships and energy spent on yourself. Marriage or divorce can be an issue.

Astrologer Tisch Aitken

You should enjoy good health, especially until December, however, watch your sugar and fat intake. Too much indulgence might have a negative impact on your overall body-mind equilibrium. Leo : The winds of change are blowing through your career house again from mid-March onwards, triggering disruptions in your life direction and career path, especially for those born during July. This can ultimately play out very positively for you, especially if you can make space and invite the new energy into your life.

Creative projects are likely to do well, and you could possibly receive recognition for your work. A good time for starting something new is during July until mid-August. With Jupiter travelling through your house of good luck, healthy risk-taking can pay off but try not to over-extend yourself or over-invest. Saturn and Pluto are together in your health sector until December , reminding you to look after yourself well and to make good use of your time.

Motivate yourself to get in the best shape possible for your age and circumstances.

Yearly Horoscope

Saturn will help with discipline and determination. Virgo: is another year where you feel motivated to work hard on your creative endeavours. On the other hand, you might also find that you are working too much and do not have enough time for fun and relaxation. Therefore, make sure that you do get some time out and stop putting pressure onto yourself. Much joy can be found in your family and your home life now!

This is a great year for resolving long-standing family issues and getting in touch with your ancestral roots.