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Let's say that if you were born between December 1 and day 21 including of the month, you are in the sign of sagittarius.

Your Monthly Horoscope

If you were born in one of the days 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31 on December then your sign is capricorn. Under it you can see two tables that show how the astrological calendar is divided on the basis of the beginning and end of a sign. The zodiac signs are 12 and then you can read how someone born in December can be the sign of sagittarius or capricorn.

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Please note that who was born on December 21 might also be capricorn according to your time of birth. For this reason it is best to calculate your natal chart accurately and find out the exact degree falls on the Sun which tells us we belong to that sign.

Libra December 2018 Horoscope

You can calculate your natal chart free online in this page. Then come back here and read the characteristics of your sign.

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You can also find your ascendant , you will discover your chinese sign , mayan sign , celtic sign and read the general horoscopes relating to day , week , month and new year. You can also discover what day of the week you were born.

Horoscopes by Jamie Partridge

According to the December horoscope for Libra , this month love will not come easily to you. You lack the charm that attracts people to you for the most part of the year. Pregnancy is not to be contemplated during this period because nothing good will come out of it. Do You Have Good Karma?

Try The Karma Quiz Now!! As per the Libra forecast for December , this month you will be out to ensure that you restore peace and harmony into your family.

Your Horoscope for the Week of December 23 — December Horoscopes

For a while, your family has been in shambles due to disagreements and unnecessary fights. The elders will be pleased with all your efforts that they will bless you abundantly.

The monthly horoscope predicts that your health will be awesome this month. You, however, need to ensure that you seek medical attention whenever you feel you are coming up with something minor like a cold or a headache. What Color Matches Your Personality?

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  • Try The Quiz Now!! Libra horoscope predicts that this month your career development will be at a standstill. There are so many issues at home with your family that you are not thinking straight while at work. Your social contacts will help you stay on your feet until a time when you will be ready to concentrate more on your career. Test Now! Based on the December astrology for Libra, finances this month will not come easy. You will have to work harder to get the money needed to cater to your expenses and those of your family.

    You are blessed with brains hence you will be at the top of your class this month.